Willkommen in meinem Kunstatelier und meiner Kunstschule in Planegg 

b. München.


Die Veranstaltung findet einmal im Monat statt. Bitte klicken Sie auf das Bild, um die verfügbaren Termine zu sehen. Immer Freitags   19.00-22-00                                    

Preis 65€ inkl. Material

 Für Kinder 6-12 J.                                       29. Juli -2. August 2024 

                                                                                                                                          Preis  290€ inkl.Material

Die Veranstaltung findet einmal im Monat statt. Bitte klicken Sie auf das Bild, um die verfügbaren Termine zu sehen. Immer Samstags   12.00-15-00

Preis 55€ inkl. Material

NEU im Herzen von HARRAS

Ihre Lieblings- MiniArt und PreArt kommen auf den Stemmerhof!
Plinganserstr.6, 81369 München
Stemmerhof, Haupthaus, Gute Stube


Für Kinder 4-6 Jahre


Für Kinder 6-12 Jahre



Dear art lovers,

I am happy to invite you to the yearly group exhibition of Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft (MKG), which will take place 23.March-7.April 2024 in Münchner Künstlerhaus (Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 München). The exhibition is opened daily 11.00-18.00, on the last day 7.April until 16.00. As well you can visit the virtual exhibition 23.March-5.May :http://www.jahresausstellung.mkg1868.de


Dear friends,

I am happy to invite you to my first personal exhibition “Real Magic” at Galerie Frey. The exhibition will showcase my artworks from the past few years including some very fresh ones, that just come off the easel. The past few years have been challenging for everyone I know to the varying degrees. There were times when I struggled to pick up the pencil or brush to create, nothing “happy” would come to mind… For those who don’t know – I only paint “happy” stuff). However, I believe that we wouldn’t appreciated love as much if we didn’t know what ignorance felt like, we wouldn’t value trust, if we didn’t experience betrayal, and we would take peace for granted if we didn’t witnessed war. If you look for it, you can always find light in the sea of darkness, and magic in real life… Through my art I’ve discovered that no matter what happens around me, I cannot physically paint anger and sorrow. I would rather find strength growing out of anger and hope rushing in to replace sorrow, and translate those into art.

I’d like to invite you on an emotional journey through my paintings. My hope is that it will touch your hearts and souls and will lift your spirits

"Dear Luba, thank you so much for a wonderful feeling of being able to create beautiful things! I never thought I could do anything like that!!! Your workshops are revitalizing! ."
Natalia Binar Munich, 20 Juni, 2022
"Beautiful painting! Very nice brushwork and texture."
Ashley Fimbel Virginia, US
July 7,2020
"Mir hat der Zeichenkurs sehr gut gefallen! Besonders toll fand ich, dass ich von Luba neue Techniken gelernt habe, die ich jetzt zum Zeichnen für mich verwenden kann. Ich würde gerne weitere kurse bei Luba belegen."
Josefine, 7 Jahre, München.

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