I create art and educate those who strive for artistic self expression


Luba Holland, was born in Kazan (Russia), to a family of teachers and architects. Deeply fascinated by rich diversity of decor, colors and patterns of Russian and Tatar cultures mix, Luba has developed the passion for art from early childhood. Four years of art school helped to sculpt her expression through painting, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, and mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, and pastels, as well as classical realistic drawing. 

She continued her education at the Kazan Academy of Architecture, graduating in 2000 with a Master of Arts. The work as an interior architect and graphic designer for various companies as well as independent designer followed.

From 2006 Luba lives and works as an artist and a freelance art and drawing teacher in Munich (Germany). 

Artist's statement

In my art  I try to depict  things that exist beyond physical  tangible substances. External beauty is irrelevant. Being a professional interior architect, I transfer my passion for  inner space balance  into my art.   What becomes important  is inner feelings, emotions, mood of a person or an animal. In my imagination I travel around the world of absolutely untamed emotions, whether calm or hysterical, but sincere, trying to give them physical expression through shapes and colors.
Profound motivation is in creating connections with the viewers, these connections become important and potentially significant for both parties. Like donors’ blood, my artwork “saves” the viewers. Infusing with emotions, it reminds them of the human ability to feel. As a donor of emotion, I’m being revitalized myself through this process again and again with each artwork. Cultivating beauty and creativity is part of my essence.

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